About Us

Moore Rehab Outcomes provide Occupational Therapy and Rehabilitation Counselling services to Sydney, regional areas of NSW and the ACT.

What We Do

Moore Rehab Outcomes provides evidence based Rehabilitation and Case Management Services. We provide services to regional NSW, Sydney and ACT regions. Our team of experienced clinicians are trained to achieve better health outcomes for your clients.  Our focus in on providing proactive and goal orientated programs to maximise recovery and independence.

Moore Rehab Outcomes has three main business streams. We understand these specialised areas of rehabilitation and reporting requirements.

Kate Moore

Kate and Doug Moore

(Business Owners)

Moore Rehab Outcomes (MRO) was established in 2011 by Kate Moore (Occupational Therapist) and her husband Doug Moore (Physiotherapist).

Kate has been working as an Occupational Therapist since 1997. Kate is passionate about helping clients in their recovery post-accident and inspiring health professionals to make a difference in their work.

Kate (Clinical Director) and Doug (General Manager), oversee both clinical and admin teams to ensure our referrers, patients and staff work together to get the best outcomes.

Doug Moore

Vision and Mission Statement

Our vision is “to empower others to make a difference” and this underpins our Mission statement of “providing proactive, evidence based rehabilitation services and expert opinion to maximise independence and adjustment to injury / disability”.

Remote Teams: connected and inspired

Living in a regional area, Kate identified the need for experienced clinicians to provide CTP, icare and medicolegal services.

She has since built a team of over 20 clinicians statewide (from the Queensland border to Victoria) plus 8 administration staff at the Shellharbour head office.

Kate and Doug have created a strong network between remote team members including professional development opportunities, clinical supervision, support and mentoring, clear procedures and innovative programs to ensure quality across.

Facilitating Client Centred Rehab and Adjustment

Kate has a personal connection to rehabilitation, with her younger sister Emma Gee (also an Occupational Therapist) surviving a major stroke at age 24 years. http://emma-gee.com/

Emma’s journey, which is documented in her book ‘Reinventing Emma’, has inspired Kate to ensure our rehabilitation programs are client centred, and that clients and their families are given the best support to help their adjustment post injury.

Finding experienced and passionate staff

We strongly believe that if staff are passionate about what they do and have the right support and training, then they will provide a great service.

Kate has successfully built her clinical team and statewide coverage through connecting with allied health staff, and is thorough in her recruitment process.

Only experienced clinicians who have demonstrated skills in customer service, clinical intervention, report writing and community based rehabilitation are considered for our specialised work. 

Every staff member has training and a development plan to ensure their skills are up to date and proficient.