Chin Yin (C.Y) Chim


Social Worker



Master of Public and Social Policy
Certificate in Community Planning and Development in Local Government
Bachelor of Social Work


Telehealth / Remote Assessments

Our Clinical Director Kate Moore interviewing C.Y

Chin Yin (C.Y) graduated from The University of New South Wales in 2004 with a Bachelor of Social Work. Since her graduation, C.Y has continued to take the opportunity to update her skills and as such is currently undertaking a Masters in Social Policy and Public Policy at Macquarie University, Sydney.

C.Y is a committed and passionate social worker and public policy professional with over 15 years of experience in case work, mental health services, community development; project management and policy development in a range of human service environments.

C.Y is highly skilled at collaborating with both government organisations (i.e. Centrelink, My Aged Care), insurers and health professionals to ensure our clients are linked in with appropriate financial and social supports.  C.Y’s passionate and client centred approach is integral in building rapport, providing counselling and support and in implementing proactive recommendations.

C.Y has extensive experience working with families and carers, and understands the complex needs of clients with chronic illnesses and disabilities.  She is able to support both our case managers (to prevent potential burn out with complex matters) and our clients in their adjustment post accident.

She can provide assistance with financial service applications (i.e. centrelink, carers’ pensions, disability pensions), accommodation supports (for nursing home / aged care / group home and NSW housing applications) and community services (such as meal delivery or networking with local agencies).

For MRO, C.Y is able to provide telehealth services (via videoconferencing, emails and VOIP phone calls all which adhere to cyber security protocol) from her current base in Japan (where she has been living for the past two years).  She has remained up to date with Australian processes and policies and has the necessary insurances and qualifications to deliver this service remotely.  C.Y has already proven to be efficient, communicative and effective in helping our clients during COVID-19, and is an asset to our organisation.