COVID-19 Update (January 2022)

2022 has unfortunately started with the largest outbreak we have seen.  The landscape of living with COVID-19 in our community remains unchartered, but we want to reassure you that at MRO we remain vigilant in our approach and have developed excellent procedures and systems to ensure both our staff and clients remain safe during this time.  Based on the rising numbers and longevity of this pandemic, we are anticipating we will need to “adapt” the ways we operate for a while yet.  

So we are “back to business” (but with caution)…..the ‘new normal’ it seems is this dynamic, pivoting and flexible approach, where perhaps we need to rethink the way we conduct assessments and provide rehab services.

Key information for our referrers includes:

  • We are open for business and are still seeing clients in their homes (with strict screening 24 hours before every home visit, use of PPE, social distancing, review in outdoor / well ventilated areas where possible).
  • All our staff are vaccinated for COVID-19 and have completed infection control training.
  • We are minimising face to face visits (through use of telehealth for information gathering / interviews / GP conferences / some assessments) and completing essential home visits for shorter durations to reduce exposure.
  • Our clinicians are reviewing their caseloads to ensure they are coping during this period, and have adequate services, treatment and support systems in place.
  • Our medicolegal and care needs assessment teams are offering face to face appointments (where appropriate), but are reverting to a hybrid approach (with telehealth and a home visit when safe for all parties) – as agreed to by the referrer.
  • We are able to provide on line programs (such as Activate and Stepping Stones to Work), and conduct FIM assessments, case management and many rehab services remotely using an innovative approach.
  • We are keeping abreast of any changing health advice, but believe the strong procedures and principles are appropriate for all regions and states in how we provide services during this time

Please contact us if you wish to discuss any potential referrals or our operational procedures further – we are here to support you and our clients to try and maximise rehab outcomes, and we know that many of our vulnerable clients need our services more than ever. 

The impact of COVID-19 will no doubt impact the severity and longevity of many of our injured clients (with increased anxiety and mental health issues, delays or poor access to treatment, reduced social supports and changes to normal work, leisure and social routines).

Our role is proactive, client centred interventions to help individuals overcome barriers (and connect them with appropriate treatment, equipment, services and supports) we are confident will make a difference in their recovery.

We hope you and your families stay healthy and well during this time, and please do contact our office if you have any queries.

Stay safe,

The Moore Rehab Outcomes Team


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