We would like our valued referrers, clients their families and carers to know that at Moore Rehab Outcomes we are monitoring the situation regarding the COVID-19 outbreak.  

The health of our clients, our team and the community are first and foremost our focus.


  • Practising good hand and sneeze / cough hygiene at all times as this is the best defence against most viruses
  • Requesting all staff to keep us informed should they experience any of the symtoms of COVID-19 or if they have any imminent overseas travel plans.
  • Thorough screening of clients before any home visit or client contact.
  • Identifying those clients who may be considered high risk or vulnerable (i.e. immunosuppressed or over 65 years) who may need a risk management plan in place during this climate.
  • As per the requirements from the Department of Health, all team members who have been to identified high risk countries are excluded from returning to work 14 days from the date they left the country.
  • Any team member who is feeling unwell or showing signs or symptoms of being unwell, will remain at home.
  • We will conduct telephone reviews with our existing clients should they cancel a face to face follow up appointment due to sickness.


  • We are able to provide follow up of our existing clients via phone for aspects of our case management / OT role.
  • Some GP case conferences, liaison with treating professionals, the insurer, employers and other parties can occur via teleconference, email or fax communication.
  • Report writing for exisiting clients and research for identified equipment needs can occur from our office without direct client contact.
  • As you are aware we have recently developed the ACTIVATE PROGRAM, which potentially we could look at running remotely with our patients if required.  Whilst this is not ideal, we have resources to roll this out (once we confirm appropriate cyber security options which we are investigating).
MRO’s Policies

  • We have a clear policy in regards to screening of new referrals and prior to conducting a home visit.
  • Our staff have been instructed to follow Australian Health Sector Emergency Response plan, including diligent hand washing before visits.
  • MRO has a WORK HEALTH and SAFETY POLICY in place to support safe work practices and an incident form that needs to be completed if there has been an incident in the work place.  These support good work place practices and support our staff to be safe in the work place.
Things to remember

We will continue to keep you updated, if there are any changes or concerns. However if you have any difficulties at all, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0435 947 334 or visit our website at

Kelly Martin (Marketing)

Kelly Martin (Marketing)


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