OT and Rehab Services

ADL Assessments

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Activities of Daily Living Assessments are carried out by an experienced MRO Occupational Therapist to analyse a client’s functional independence in the areas of personal care and domestic activities.

Case Management

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Moore Rehab Outcomes offer Complex Case Management services for both our CTP and icare claimants. Our clinicians have extensive experience working with soft tissue injuries / psychological illness / brain injuries / spinal cord injuries / amputations and clients with multiple trauma. Moore Rehab Outcomes specialise in discharge planning and care co-ordination after a motor vehicle accident.

Discharge Planning

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Moore Rehab Outcomes offers discharge planning to clients who are returning home after hospital admission. Discharge planning identifies the difficulties a client may face upon returning to their home environment. Our experienced Occupational Therapists will recommend the necessary support, services and equipment our clients need to aid their recovery and ensure they are safe and supported.

Driving Assessments

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Moore Rehab Outcomes offers Driving Assessments to assess the impact a client’s condition may have on their ability to drive and to determine what modifications, if any, may be required. The driving assessment consists of both off and on road assessments.

FIM Assessments

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Moore Rehab Outcomes have experienced Occupational Therapists who are FIMTM (Functional Independence Measure) accredited.

The FIMTM instrument is a basic indicator of severity of disability. The functional ability of a client changes during rehabilitation and the FIMTM instrument is used to track those changes. Functional change is a key outcome measure of rehabilitation episodes.

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Vocational Assessments and Jobseeking Assistance

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Vocational Assessments are carried out by experienced MRO Rehabilitation Counsellors and are used for clients who are not working but have the capacity to work. These assessments are also carried out on clients who are unable to return to their pre-injury role and / or employer, or for clients who may need to explore alternate duties with the same employer.

Workplace Assessments

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Workplace Assessments are carried out by an experienced MRO Occupational Therapist and take place at the client’s workplace including both the worker and the employer.