How do I make a referral?

Please complete our referral form and our admin team will contact you.

For an ADL / Initial Needs Assessment:

For a Medicolegal Assessment:

Do you provide NDIS Services?

Currently we do not offer these services. Please refer to https://www.otaus.com.au/find-an-ot to find a suitable provider.

What Quality Assurance do you provide for your programs?

At MRO we are passionate about best practice and quality. Every single report is peer reviewed by experienced clinicians and then checked by our admin team for quality. We have regular file reviews and coaching for all clinicians to ensure our patients are receiving best practice intervention.  Our medicolegal reports which provide evidence to the courts are given detailed review and are known for their thorough and accurate calculation of past and future care.

Do you provide workers compensation or return to work services?

MRO is not a work cover accredited provider, so we cannot provide standard workers compensation services. We are able however to provide ergonomic assessments, one off workplace assessments and ADL reviews and catastrophic workers care interventions.  Under CTP and life insurance schemes we can provide vocational and workplace rehabilitation services (including RTW plans and vocational assessments).

What are ADLs?

ADLs are Activities of Daily Living, which means the various activities which you may complete (including personal care, home duties, community, leisure, school or work tasks).  An ADL Assessment is conducted by an OT and will provide recommendations including equipment, strategies or care services required to help an individual return to their life activities.  Often a graded ADL program is arranged, which means ‘stepping stones’ to help an individual return to their preinjury roles and responsibilities.

Where is travel charged from?

Travel is charged at our hourly rate from the MRO Clinician’s home.  Where possible we try and minimise travel costs by splitting costs (if more than one client is seen in the same region), and a quote is provided at time of referral to ensure all parties agree with estimated costs.

What are your hourly rates?

MRO charges an hourly rate for our allied health and case management services, which is in line with the NDIS recommended rate for Allied Health Services.  Our medicolegal assessments are charged at a higher rate due to the specialised demands of this service.

Please contact our office directly if you would like a quote.


Yes our Clinicians travel to areas outside of NSW, to enquire please admin@moorerehab.com.au or complete our referral form.