As 2023 draws to a close, we reflect on our year and are extremely proud of our team and how they have “made a difference” providing assessment, support and rehabilitation services across NSW, Victoria and the ACT.

The MRO team continues to pride ourselves on our core values ‘WE ARE PROACTIVE, WE WORK AS A TEAM, WE HAVE INTEGRITY, WE STRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE and WE SERVE OTHERS

Some of our HIGHLIGHTS from 2023 include:


  • We celebrated our 12th birthday and gathered as a team for our MRO Conference ‘Reconnect, Recharge and Celebrate!

  • We celebrated many long service awards, including Elisabeth Hibberd (12 years), Lynn Burns, Cathy Decker, Gabrielle Milburn and Danielle O’Connor (9-10 years), Katrina Prior, Spiros Katzakis, Vee Hamer, C.Y Chim, Samantha Tkac, Kate Atkins, Pippa Quinn, Rebecca Wainscoat, Kelly Martin, Belinda Vtrkovski and Nick Davies (5-8 years).

  • During our conference we participated in a workshop with Toni Knight (psychologist) on ‘Preventing Burnout’ and heard from team members on topics including ‘having difficult conversations – a mental health approach’; ‘cognitive rehab assessment tools’ and ‘complex care need scenarios’.

  • icare Approved Care Needs Assessors: we were successful in applications for 13 Approved Care Needs Assessors on the icare panel (across NSW and Victoria), and have found our skills in assessing complex, catastrophic claims in spinal, amputee, brain injury and multi-trauma is well suited to these detailed care needs assessments.

  • Bridging the Gap between schemes – Our team have assisted many severely injured clients transition between insurer funded schemes to icare by completing FIM assessments, coordinating applications and ensuring continuity with approved icare case managers.

  • We have increased our service provision to Dust and Diseases (icare), CTP care, Workers Compensation ADL Assessments and DVA (for FIM and Care Needs Reviews).

  • Our Service Area has expanded into Victoria, with 2 x new OTS (Rochelle Ryall and Theresa Barry) available for medicolegal, NDIA, icare assessments and case management services.

  • Kate Moore has chaired the OT Australia Medicolegal Special Interest Group, and helped with running various inservices looking at NDIA AAT assessments, Conclave Conduct and Best Practice / Research Outcomes for Expert Witness OT Reports.
  • Our medicolegal team continues to provide expert opinion in personal injury, NDIA tribunal matters, medical negligence, CTP and workers compensation matters for various diagnosis groups.

  • CANS Training: Rebecca Wainscoat (Team Leader) has been providing CANS training for the Ingham Institute. In 2024 we plan to expand our MRO mentoring and training branch of the business, to improve best practice in care needs assessment, case management rehabilitation and medicolegal practice.

MEDICOLEGAL ASSESSMENTS – New Service Area – Victoria

We are thrilled to announce that we have expanded our service area for Medicolegal Assessments to include Victoria. Our highly experienced Occupational Therapist, Thersa Barry who is based in Victoria has recently joined our growing team.

MRO is committed to providing expert and timely assessments that adhere to the highest standards of professionalism and integrity. Our commitment to delivering accurate, thorough and impartial medicolegal assessments remains unwavering, and we look forward to serving the needs of our clients in this new area.

Our clear and thorough reports address the questions raised in the letter of instruction and include:

  • An assessment of the client in their home environment.
  • Assessment of the client’s pre and post accident roles, lifestyle and function.
  • A functional assessment of the client’s current capacity (through observed activity performance).
  • Consideration of medical reports and critique of Occupational Therapy reports if required.
  • Recommendations of: Personal and Domestic Care Requirements (post-accident, current and future); Home Modifications; Equipment and Future Treatment Recommendations and / or Rehabilitation needs.
  • Our reports have a clear executive summary, identified periods of recovery post accident and all recommendations are based on best practice and strong clinical reasoning.
  • All our reports are peer reviewed and critiqued before submission, to ensure best practice.


At Moore Rehab Outcomes we are passionate about offering a short term Social Work Intervention Program for our complex icare and CTP clients and their families. This service is effective in addressing barriers that may be blocking progress of rehailitation.

This initiative aims to address a spectrum of needs, offering benefits and services such as: 

  • Advocacy support – linking to government funded programs.
  • Crisis intevention.
  • Efficient and effective discharge and help with ACAT applications and Nursing Home placement.
  • Assistance accessing crisis intervention services and emergency relief.
  • Identification of psychosocial barriers impacting progress of claim.
  • Navigation and support with relationships and complex family support.
  • Risk identification, support and referral to appropriate services for people in vulnerable situations such as protection of childcare, domestic violence, drug and alcohol misuse and mental health concerns.

Our team are committed to facilitating positive outcomes by working with clients to navigate and overcome hurdles. Our program ensures that individuals receive timely and effective assistance on their rehabilitation journey.

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