This week, we take time to reflect on the great ways our occupational therapists make a difference with our clients, in their work with complex rehabilitation clients and in the medicolegal field.

The theme this year is “unity in community” which is very appropriate, as connecting people is an enormous part of our role as occupational therapists.

This is seen in our work every day, including:

  • Building rapport with our clients, and connecting them to proactive treatment teams to assist their recovery.
  • Collaborating with treating teams to ensure rehabilitation goals are appropriate.
  • Liaising with our referrers, to update them on progress of cases and flagging any barriers preventing goal achievement.
  • Peer review, mentoring and support systems offered at MRO (where our remote clinicians can access guidance and support to get the best outcomes for their clients).
  • The brilliant teamwork we at MRO between clinicians and the A-team (admin team), working together to best service our clients.

“Making a difference” remains a driving mission statement for MRO, and we were thrilled to celebrate this together at our recent MRO Conference in September 2023. Some great examples provided by team members of ways they have made a difference included:

  • Helping a TBI client plan reduce her 24-hour care, to give her privacy, independence and dignity.
  • Keeping a client in their home with home modifications completed.
  • Supporting a horse trainer with a spinal cord injury to access his back paddocks using a powered wheelchair.
  • Assisting a young 15-year-old return to school, now starting a mowing apprenticeship and having driving lessons.
  • Supporting a client to feel comfortable to leave the home who then bought a house and became engaged!
  • A client who still contacts the case manager regularly with life updates, thanking the OT for making a difference.
  • Helping a palliative client and their family to negotiate end of life care.
  • Assisting a TBI client complete school, finish traineeship and obtain full time work.
  • Everyday feeling amazed that by “just doing my job I am making a difference”.

We want to thank our fabulous team of occupational therapists for their great work, and look forward to assisting clients reach their maximum potential.

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