Kate Mather


MRO Occupational Therapist


Approved icare case manager
FIM Accredited





Graduating from the University of Sydney in 2007 with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Occupational Therapy), Kate began her career supporting individuals undergoing rehabilitation after workplace injury. This early experience laid the foundation for her subsequent specialisation in neurorehabilitation.

With over a decade of experience working in the NSW Brain injury rehabilitation service, Kate has expertise as both an Occupational Therapist and Case Manager, covering the rehabilitation spectrum from inpatient care to community living.

Kate brings a client-centered approach to her practice, designing evidence-based intervention strategies tailored to each person’s unique circumstances. She prioritises establishing meaningful, person-centered goals in close consultation with the client and their families. She has a commitment to fostering effective teamwork and her communication underscores her dedication to delivering holistic care and achieving the best possible results for her clients.

Kate’s passion for occupational therapy extends beyond clinical practice. In 2022, Kate joined the Brain Injury Rehab Research Group at the Ingham Institute of Applied Medical Research.  Kate is a contributing member of the research team examining the use of smart home assistive technology to support individuals with cognitive impairment post brain injury.

Kate is based in South Sydney and is able to provide ADL assessments and retraining, CTP case management, Occupational Therapy treatment programs, minor home modifications and equipment prescription. Kate is FIM accredited.