This month we would like to share a great success story of one of our icare clients Tom, who lives on a farm on the NSW south coast with his family. Tom is 23 years old and sustained a traumatic brain injury (TBI) in a trailbike accident in 2021. As a
result he has ongoing impairments including visual field loss, reduced mobility (reliant on power wheelchair for all mobility; needs 1-2 assist with transfers), right upper limb weakness, fatigue and cognitive impairment.

Following the accident, his family had to make some big changes including transitioning from diary farmers to beef farmers (in order for his father to secure a new job, and his mother to assume the role of his carer).

Our Occupational Therapist Kate Atkins has assisted Tom to maximise his independence and increase his capacity with farming tasks.

It is so rewarding to see the impact that Kate has had on Tom’s independence and function, enabling him to return to important activities and participate in farm work and tasks.

Note: Tom has given written permission for us to share his story.

Prescription of off road power wheel chair

Mobilising around the farm on his Magic Mobility X8 – this has give him so much independence and allows him to help his mum with farm work.

The X8 has a seat raise option, enabling him to reach overhead and pick beans.

Use of equipment, retraining and problem solving to complete gardening tasks

Tending to his new raised garden beds with his new tools.

Problem solving access to help with farm animals and washing vegetables at the tank.
Tom is showing great improvement, with increased capacity to stand and improvement in transferring independently between wheelchairs.
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