We have had an extremely busy start to 2023 at MRO, with the highest number of referrals and allocated cases since we started the business 12 years ago!
Our team are busy completing a range of very meaningful and rewarding work, ‘making a difference’ to many participants’ recoveries.

Here are some fabulous examples of how our clinicians have used their expertise in the past months:

  1. Helping a young mother (spinal cord injury) learn ways to bathe her newborn baby, using modified equipment and aids.
  2. Servicing a palliative Dust and Disease client who has pressure care issues, pain and transfer difficulties (with provision of ROHO cushion and armchair).
  3. Installation of rails to enable safe access for a TBI icare client with visual impairment and balance issues, who was having falls.
  4. Providing medicolegal opinions to remote areas of Broken Hill and Narrabri, and all across NSW for a range of medical negligence / public liability / workers comp / CTP matters.
  5. Providing discharge planning / equipment advice to a client who had severe leg injuries from a crocodile attack.
  6. Supporting a family (who lost a parent in a MVA), to engage in psychological treatment, social work support and services to manage after PTSD / trauma.
  7. Multiple FIM assessments for CTP, icare and DVA to help determine eligibility to severe injury scheme funding.
  8. Multiple Care Needs Assessments across NSW to provide opinion on care requirements for catastrophic claims in lifetime care and worker’s care.
  9. Social work referrals for financial assistance / housing and service supports.

The variety of referrals and range of customers has reinforced the high skill set of our team, and the confidence our referrers have in us providing rehabilitation services.

New Service Areas

We are thrilled to announce that we are now able to provide case management services to Canberra (with Anna Kovacs joining the team), and have another clinician who has joined us in Newcastle for major claims – Lisa Channon.
Additionally we are now able to provide medicolegal assessments in Victoria, with the very experienced Theresa Barry joining MRO!

Please contact our office or refer to our website www.moorerehab.com.au if you need more information about our company, team and services.

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