Well, it is already half way through the year, and we wanted to share with you some updates regarding our fabulous MRO team, newly appointed icare care needs assessors and increased service areas across Australia!

Congratulations to our 13 Approved Care Needs Assessors:

  1. Pippa Quinn (OT) – Northern NSW.
  2. Lisa Channon (OT) – Newcastle.
  3. Rebecca Wainscoat (OT) – Sydney.
  4. Bernadette Walsh (OT) – Sydney.
  5. Katrina Prior (OT) – Sydney.
  6. Lisa Goold (OT) – Sydney.
  7. Kate Moore (OT) – Illawarra.
  8. Lynn Burns (OT) – Illawarra.
  9. Sam Tkac (OT) – Illawarra.
  10. Danielle O’Connor (OT) – Riverina.
  11. Jenny Wilkinson (OT) – Riverina.
  12. Theresa Barry (OT) – Victoria.
  13. Rochelle Ryall (OT) – Victoria.

We are finding that many of our insurers (including CTP insurers / EML / DVA) are asking us to sometimes use the lifetime care CNAR templates to provide thorough assessments of their complex / catastrophic claims. A reminder too that most of our Occupational Therapists are accredited in administering the FIM (Functional Independence Measure) and we receive many requests from a range of insurers and funding bodies for these one off assessments.

We are now servicing Melbourne / Victoria! Welcome Rochelle and Theresa

We are thrilled to welcome experienced clinicians Rochelle Ryall (Occupational Therapist) and Theresa Barry (Occupational Therapist) to the MRO Team, who are able to service Melbourne and Victoria.
They are already booking up with medicolegal assessments, NDIA Tribunal matters and case management from interstate accidents and are approved icare Care Needs Assessors.

Welcome to other new members to our MRO Team

We warmly welcome new members to our NSW team including:

Jessica Worton (Occupational Therapist, Southern Sydney region) who is an approved icare Case Manager, is available for ADL and care needs assessments, case management, OT intervention and medicolegal assessments.

Lisa Channon (Occupational Therapist, Newcastle region) who is an approved icare Case Manager and icare Care Needs Assessor, and is available for ADL assessments, case management and OT intervention.

Christine Hampson (Administration Support, MRO Head Office).

Making a difference

Our team continue to make a difference in providing proactive rehabilitation services, and helpingclients navigate smooth ways to manage their severe injuries, access appropriate treatment andequipment and become independent as soon as possible.

Our clinicians are very skilled at supporting both families and the individual to ensure they have care andequipment in place, as seen in this wonderful feedback from a referrer this month about a palliative care client:

Jess was amazing. She was able to get services and equipment organised extremely quickly for XX and YY (wife) and provided much needed support to them at an extremely difficult time. Her communication with me throughout this period of time has also been incredible.

I spoke with the referrer today and she could not speak highly enough of Jess and was extremely thankful for the support she provided to them.

I thought I should pass this feedback on as I know that Jess is new to Moore Rehab Outcomes. Thanks for passing this referral on to Jess, she has been invaluable.”

Medicolegal Special Interest Group and Upcoming MRO Conference

At MRO we are very committed to best practice, and ensuring strong clinical reasoning in all report recommendations.

As Convenor of the OT Australia Medicolegal Interest Group, Kate Moore is committed to coordinating training and inservices relating to medicolegal practice are arranged – not just for our internal company but for members of the OT Association. We recently arranged Lee Davids (Principle Consultant, DisabilityManagement Services) to speak with us regarding ‘Insights on NDIA, AAT Processes and providing independent OT assessments). Next month we will be discussing Conclaves, and exploring issues facing OTs when participating in a conclave and preparing a joint report.

We are currently planning our MRO Conference for September 2023, “Reconnect, Recharge and Celebrate” where we will be having presentations on suicide, mental health assessments, cognitive rehab and assessment tools, DVA FIMs and complex care recommendations. We will also be having a workshop from a psychotherapist on preventing burnout, designed for health professionals working in the industry.

Please contact our office or refer to our website www.moorerehab.com.au if you need more information about our company, team and services.

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