Private / Community Referrals

Occupational Therapy Assessment

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An Occupational Therapy Assessment will be carried out by an experienced MRO Occupational Therapist to analyse a client’s needs.

An Occupational Assessment will include:

Driving Assessments

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Moore Rehab Outcomes offers Driving Assessments to assess the impact a client’s condition may have on their ability to drive and to determine what modifications, if any, may be required. The driving assessment consists of both off and on road assessments.

FIM Assessments

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Moore Rehab Outcomes have experienced Occupational Therapists who are FIMTM (Functional Independence Measure) accredited.

The FIMTM instrument is a basic indicator of severity of disability. The functional ability of a patient changes during rehabilitation and the FIMTM instrument is used to track those changes. Functional change is a key outcome measure of rehabilitation episodes.

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Computer Workstation / Ergonomic Review

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  • Assessment of workstations and postural assessments
  • Task analysis and identification of factors impacting performance
  • Seating Assessments for employees with specific needs
  • Recommendations of alternate layout / equipment
  • Powerpoint education packages and group workstation assessments to ensure your employees understand how to set up their workstation.