Katrina Prior


Occupational Therapist



SIRA Appointed Health Practitioner (Medicolegal Reports)
Approved icare case manager
FIM Accredited: FIM ID 1502465E





Katrina graduated from The University of Sydney in 2007 with a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy. Katrina has extended her studies in the area of pain management and the application of active pain management strategies through Occupational Therapy programs.

Katrina has have comprehensive experience in providing treatment and services to patients and clients of varying ages, injuries (both physical and psychological). She has wide spread experience working with clients with complex injuries and needs within the community.

Throughout her career Katrina has worked extensively in the Occupational Rehabilitation sector providing a variety of Occupational Therapy and Case Management services to clients under various insurance schemes (including CTP, Workers Compensation and Income Protection).

Katrina is a highly competent assessor and clinician in the areas of ADL, psychosocial barriers to rehabilitation, functional capacity, ergonomics, home modification, equipment prescription and pain management. Katrina also works clinically in the hospital sector, providing inpatient rehabilitation to orthopaedic, surgical, and geriatric patients.

Katrina is passionate about empowering clients through education, appropriate information and engagement in activity. Katrina thrives to work closely with each of her individual clients and patient’s tailoring programs specific to their therapeutic needs and wants.

Katrina is based in Southern Sydney.