Spiros Katzakis


Occupational Therapist



FIM Accredited: FIM ID 1700648a
SIRA Appointed Health Practitioner (Medicolegal Reports)





Spiros has over 20 years of experience working as an Occupational Therapist providing services within the public and private sectors.

With over 10 years of experience in providing direct care, Spiros has worked in ICU, acute and outpatient settings; gaining knowledge of best practice and recovery time frames for a variety of illnesses, injuries and disabilities.

Spiros has extensive experience providing workplace rehabilitation services under NSW WorkCover legislation, including workplace assessment, development of return to work programs and OHS advice to employers.

More recently he has broadened his skills as a Rehabilitation Advisor within the NSW CTP scheme, managing a portfolio of clients with major and catastrophic injuries.

This has given him great insight into understanding the MAA requirements, assessment of reasonable and necessary care and the importance of cost effective and proactive intervention in managing claims.

In summary, Spiros’ clinical and insurer based experience gives him a unique perspective in understanding the needs of all parties, and makes him well suited to providing proactive rehabilitation programs under the CTP, Lifetime Care and NDIS schemes.

For Moore Rehab Outcomes, Spiros is able to provide ADL, Return to Work and Case Management Services in Sydney and South Coast NSW regions.